The new normal

It seems to be an ongoing theme in my life that I find myself doing things that I had previously derided as ludicrous. Wearing spandex. Running a marathon. Having a child.

The first few times I do these things it is scary and weird and adventuresome. But soon enough it becomes the new normal. It might still be fun or challenging, but weird? Doesn’t everybody trail run in silly five fingered shoes?

This morning at 6:30am I found myself half-a-mile out into the Great Salt Lake, clad only in lycra shorts, a swim cap and goggles. The sun was rising over the mountains. A seagull kept circling me, puzzled. It felt utterly surreal.

I expect in a month or so this too will seem mundane.

PS: I didn’t cover anywhere near the distance those other guys did. Why, it’s completely ludicrous to imagine swimming so far!

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