Kevin, a.k.a., lives here. Someday it may be pretty, but that day is not today.

In the meantime, there are a few things of interest here:

The DXPC home page.

The jetWeasel.

My MacQuarium

Some TINI development information

A wee bit o' children's fiction

Vigor trivia entirely for my own pleasure:

I doubt I would have gotten along with this fellow.

And who'd have thought there'd be a Saint Vigor?

Or that there would be a church named for him?

However, the fact that Saint Kevin lived in a hollow tree and let cows lick him should come as no surprise to anyone. He was, after all, Irish.

This is a masterpiece of twisted, evil genius. I only wish I'd though of it.

The dharma of vigor is the root and foundation for all of the good dharmas.

Being descended from members of the Royal Navy, I find it rather disturbing that the USS Vigor was sold to the Spanish.

An array of bandwidth sucking Vigor related images of no possible interest to anybody is here.